This example of a printed folder is intended for brochures and booklets. The folder is equipped with a variety of extras that not only make the folder sturdy but also showcase the skillful use of print design and folder details. The design was implemented using the classic offset printing technique.

Task: Filing of promotional materials and information brochures.
Material: Approx. 2.2 mm cardboard, laminated on both sides with paper.
Size: Approx. H 315 x D 290 x W 50 mm
Extras: Metal grip hole, edge protectors, filing holes, various transparent pockets

Even the best folder can develop abrasions on the bottom after frequent removals. Not quite! This folder is equipped with metal edge protectors. This allows the folder to be easily removed and placed back in its position without any abrasions on the cover.

The lever mechanism makes expanding the contents a breeze. The mechanism can be opened and closed effortlessly without any force, thanks to the proven lever technology. With this type of mechanism, a tip clamp is highly recommended.

The welded-on triangular pocket provides space for a personalized welcome letter and a business card. The pocket for the business card deliberately does not have a cutout for easy removal. The customer’s request was that the inserted business card should be difficult to remove.

Thanks to the incorporation of a finger hole, the folder can be easily removed from the shelf. iba hartmann LOGO only processes high-quality finger holes, ensuring that they are always cleanly deburred. This way, the finger holes processed by us simply feel good.

The metal slots keep the folder securely closed until it is needed. These metal slots are also classic elements in folder design. They look good and provide the closed folder with extra stability. We particularly recommend metal slots for printed folders with a lot of content.

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