Training as an industrial clerk (m/f/d), starting 01.09.2024


Training as a machine and plant operator (m/f/d), starting 01.09.2024

Here you will find all open job offers of the iba hartmann family:

What our employees say:

„By changing departments, I get to know more and more friendly employees.
We get along great with the trainees! Like all other IBA employees, they are very helpful.“

Selin Y., Trainee - Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)

„I enjoy the work. The atmosphere is good and I receive recognition!“

Robert M., Production - Foil Cutting

„Here I find a great working atmosphere. I receive good support and understanding for my personal situation! I particularly enjoy working with colleagues in production. All tasks are fun! Here in production, I work with people who are similar to me. Here I feel well taken care of. I like the variety in the workplace.“

Ayla K., Production - Toggle Press

„The training at IBA Hartmann GmbH & Co. KG is very diverse.
During the training, you have the opportunity to gain experience in all departments of the company and thus a good opportunity to find the job that suits you best.
In addition, we as trainees have the opportunity to participate in various projects and events together, which bring variety to everyday life.“

Ozgke O., Trainee - Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

„Here I have employment and a certain amount of freedom. I like the social interaction with colleagues! Here I can work independently. I have a task! I learn something new every day! I produce quality products at my workplace.“

Mensure Ö., Production - Small Machines

„As a trainee at IBA Hartmann, we regularly and independently work on projects.“

Arbnor Z., Trainee - Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

„Hier finde ich ein tolles Arbeitsklima vor. Ich werde gut unterstützt und erhalte Verständnis für meine persönliche Situation!“

Hazan D., Produktion – Handarbeit

„Thanks to diverse production methods, there is room for creativity.
Flat hierarchies enable quick decisions.“

Marion D., Team Leader – iba TASCHEN

„Even after almost 35 years in sales, every day brings a new challenge to develop a product optimally adapted to our customers together with them. It is a pleasure to be able to use our expertise for this.“

Andreas B., Sales iba TASCHEN

„I come into contact with other people and can try out different fields of work! I particularly enjoy working with colleagues in production. All tasks are fun! I appreciate the social interaction here. This has resulted in great friendships. I like the variety in the workplace.“

Öznur H., Production - Window Welding / Machine

„Ich mag die Abwechslung am Arbeitsplatz. Hier kann ich selbstständig arbeiten. Ich habe eine Aufgabe! Ich mag die Arbeit in der Abteilung. Hier kann ich meine Talente einbringen. Ich mag das soziale Miteinander. Spaß und Teamarbeit sind in der Produktion wichtig.“

Sevgili P., Produktion – Schweißautomat

„I am very glad that I ended up at IBA Hartmann GmbH.
What has convinced me so far is the familial environment and the interaction with each other.
Everyone is making an effort to teach me something, and I have already received my own areas of responsibility.
So far, I have not regretted my decision to start my training here for a moment.“

Martin H., Trainee - Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)

„Working at IBA Hartmann means working with my colleagues to contribute to the daily success of the company. Our goal is to implement the wishes of our customers and to satisfy them. As a trainee, I am therefore involved in many areas and can contribute to the most diverse activities.“

Jenni W., Trainee – Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

„In der Produktion bereitet mir die Arbeit mit den Kolleginnen und Kollegen besonders viel Freude. Alle anfallenden Tätigkeiten machen mir Spaß! Hier in der Produktion arbeite ich mit Menschen zusammen, die ähnlich sind wie ich. Hier fühle ich mich gut aufgehoben. Hier arbeite ich mit vielen Menschen zusammen. Wir helfen uns gegenseitig. Der Betriebsleiter hat immer ein offenes Ohr. Ich arbeite in zwei Abteilungen. Mir gefällt das Miteinander mit den Kollegen und den Anleitern. Ich freue mich jeden Tag zu IBA kommen zu können!“

Ayten B., Produktion – Nieterei/Automat

„The social aspect and human interaction is so nice. I arrive and leave with joy! It feels good to work in an area where I feel accepted! I learn something new every day! I appreciate the social interaction here. This has resulted in great friendships.“

Nacik C., Production - Welding Machine