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My clipboard: indispensable!

Employees and customers, service personnel and students, they all use clipboards as a practical helper in everyday life. Not only at construction sites, at the doctor’s office, in the lecture hall, at TÜV, in the ambulance, in car dealerships and workshops, at the carpenter’s or in road traffic checks… a clipboard is so simple and so practical that you actually like to have it with you.

Therefore, clipboards with printed logos have been an advertising classic for many decades. Wherever there is little space and personal notes need to be made, clipboards are always welcome. And this despite the digital alternatives such as tablet and smartphone.

It’s cheap to print clipboards with your logo. Thus, printed clipboards become ambassadors of brand and CI. They advertise and communicate through the individual print, outside as well as inside, over the entire surface of the clipboard.

In a quickly scheduled meeting at the high table, during a customer visit, for a service appointment … with a printed clipboard, nothing can go wrong, you always look good. The clipboard brings with it everything you need there: The writing/note pad, the business cards and the ballpoint pen, the folding rule and the brochures … and of course everything finds its proper place when we jointly design your individual clipboard.

We would be happy to advise you on all options and budgets to find exactly the printed clipboard that meets your requirements.

Sample motives – printed clamp folders & clipboards:

Companies who trust iba-hartmann:


What our customers say:

„The company IBA Hartmann has been part of our supplier base for many years. We source many different items. The handling of inquiries, quotation creation, and delivery is always completely correct. If there is ever a complaint, there is always an open ear and together we find a solution.“

Cornelia K., Publishing House, Villingen-Schwenningen

„For the packaging of our documentations, we have with IBA Hartmann the partner who always offers us the right solution due to decades of experience and brings in new ideas. Through the long-term cooperation and the constant and personal support by the same consultant, we can rely on always receiving the best possible quality.“

Kerstin W., Index Werke GmbH & Co KG

„Long-term know-how, continuous accompaniment during the creation process by external/internal service.“

Thomas K., Fendt-Caravan GmbH

„The employees of IBA-Hartmann with their decades of experience know their customers and know what is needed. The personal service, the deadline loyalty as well as the quality of the products round off the strengths of IBA-Hartmann.“

Stephan S., Bielomatik GmbH

„For many years, we have been relying on the high-quality products of IBA Hartmann. Everything is just right here: product quality, deadline loyalty, and advice. In our cooperation, we particularly appreciate the competent and personal service and the creativity in the development of suitable presentation solutions.“

Petra B., Pavatex GmbH

„Why IBA Hartmann? Our reasons: the same personal contact person over the years, optimal advice, decades of experience, personal service, constant support, product variety, optimal service, and yes, of course: appointment and quality.“

Uwe F., Kitchen Manufacturer, Böblingen

„Our reasons for working with IBA Hartmann: optimal advice, personal service, communication with people, constant care, diversity of products, construction of prototypes, great ideas, optimal service, appointment and quality, commitment and commitment, Very good price-performance ratio!“

Sarah L., Marketing Consulting, Leutkirch

„Professional advice – in a consistently partnership-oriented manner:
For over 15 years, we have had a competent and highly specialized partner in IBA Hartmann in the field of bags, folders, and vehicle portfolios for our printed materials. We particularly appreciate the regular exchange and personal contact. With this service and the variety of products, we can always find great solutions and new ideas for our customers.“

Uli E., Datadruck GmbH

„Top service and advice, both internally and externally. You can always feel the long-term know-how. The continuous support during prototyping and the ideas for the details are great. By the way, the samples are actually 1:1 like our folder edition and very precisely worked.“

Jürgen H., Kitchen manufacturer, NRW

„braun-steine has been working with „IBA Hartmann“ for several years. The price-performance ratio is absolutely fair and the service in terms of quality and flexibility top. I appreciate the personal technical advice and the fact that the right solution is found for almost every project.“

Frank G., braun-steine GmbH

„Rarely do you find such a customer-oriented and reliable company that is open to developing and implementing new and creative ideas together!“

Oliver S., Specialist publisher, Cologne

„Top service and advice from internal and external staff. Long-term know-how and continuous support during the creation process. For 13 years I have had the same iba supervisors (internal/external service)!

Made in Augsburg“ – that makes the difference for me. I buy where I have personal contacts, where my company and I are known. I want to be advised personally, friendly and fair and not hang anonymously in waiting loops. The people at IBA, they know what they are talking about – you can tell the decades of experience. CONCLUSION: They know their stuff, also know when we have holiday replacements responsible.“

Anke W., Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH

„It’s the same personal contact person over many years, decades of experience from the company and employees, personal service. Those from IBA Hartmann know their customers and know what is needed. You can feel the family structures of the family business.“

Margarete H., Alphafluid Hydrauliksysteme Müller GmbH

„Thank you very much for this, as well as for the quick completion of the order.
I have now seen all the samples of the Smartsleeves and am honestly thrilled. Great job!“

Andreas K., Advertising Agency, Ulm

„For years we have been optimally supported by Mr. Rudolf. The advice is flawless due to decades of experience. We appreciate the personal service and communication and the constant care. The products are diverse. IBA Hartmann is always looking for optimal solutions for documentations or presentations of the products.“

Theresia W., Hermann Pichler GmbH + Co KG

„For many years we have been able to look back on a trusted and competent collaboration with IBA Hartmann.

Our company’s focus is on dentistry and dental technology. For this, we are very happy to rely on optimal solutions from IBA for the documentation and presentation of our products.

The constant and personal support offers us optimal service, which we always appreciate.“

Magdalena H., Spitta GmbH

„There are suppliers and partners. We see IBA Hartmann as a partner in the production of high-quality presentation products.“

Lukas M., Online Printing, NRW

„For many years, the company IBA Hartmann has been at our side. The employees always have an open ear and take care of our concerns in a courteous and professionally competent manner. We have always found the employees of IBA Hartmann to be very reliable and solution-oriented contacts and have always felt well advised and cared for. Thanks for the past years and hopefully many more.“

Silvia M., Automotive manufacturer, Baden Württemberg

„Top service and advice in internal and external service: Even when it gets difficult and time is pressing, you can always rely on IBA Hartmann. We are very satisfied.“

Heike S., Danogips GmbH & Co. KG

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    3 steps to your custom printed clipboard with logo:

    1) Your idea:

    Do you want to always be there when it becomes important? Do you want to advertise on a large scale and offer practical added value?

    Then decide for this classic. The printed clipboard is an inexpensive, large-scale, durable advertising medium with great practical use.

    • Which model? The simple writing board or the protective folder?
    • What kind of clip? For the thick A4 notepad or the A5 form booklet?
    • With/without pen holder for the ballpoint pen? And what about the pocket for business cards?

    Talk to us, we know all the details, we sample all models.

    2) The prototyping:

    The sample makers at iba hartmann are our “magicians”. In prototyping, the idea is implemented 1:1. Tailored to the purpose of use, suitable for the content, equipped with everything you need. Now you will be amazed at how much potential we can get out of a seemingly simple product. But of course, we can fall back on several decades of market experience for such a thing.

    The 1:1 sample is now available to you for all tests. You can take your individual clipboard with you to all planned locations of future use. It should be practical, stable and light, the clamp folder, the clipboard.

    3) The approval:

    Now you hold your original sample in your hands.

    You check the print, the clip, the format, the surface finishing, etc. Through our sample service, you have the opportunity to test your individual clipboard. If you are satisfied with everything, you release this sample for production. If you have wishes for changes – no problem, then we like to go the extra mile for you until you are 100 % satisfied with your clipboard.

    From the start of production, it should not take more than about 10 working days to produce your printed clamp folder/clipboard.

    These are your benefits with iba hartmann LOGO:

    The security: 60 years of printed clipboards.

    With a lot of experience and long-term trained eyes, iba employees go to work. Routine and checks according to the simple 4-eye principle, release samples for signing during the various production stages, all these measures are aimed at ensuring stable, high quality.

    We process the natural materials paper and cardboard, there are pressure fluctuations and color deviations. All in all, everything is measurable, but this is too short-sighted for our work: nothing beats the trained eye, because in our production flow it is still the people who are decisive for the quality. Is the print image exactly in the middle? Has the special color been achieved again according to the last order? Did you consider the special packaging/shipping wishes?

    The quality: clipboards with logo, produced according to DIN ISO 9001.

    Such a clipboard is a supposedly quite simple product. But it becomes complex because it is unique: individual means that each product is made to order. Therefore, the devil is in the detail, because each job demands its own specifications. To ensure the promised quality, we adhere to the industry standard 2001, and have been doing so for almost 25 years.

    For our customers, the certification means security, for our company it includes the obligation to work rule-based with key figures. But we remain a manageable family business with short ways.

    The individual: clipboards with logo, 100% individual.

    iba hartmann is a specialist for custom-made products. Nothing off the peg, but everything tailor-made!

    That’s why we first take up all ideas and discuss, consider, tinker… until we have found a solution. In any case, we take your task seriously and look for your solution! If there is a way to realize your idea for the clipboard with logo, we will find it together!

    An important addition: the printed block/ ballpoint pen/ yardstick, you can find everything at iba PROMO. Or simply ask your sales consultant.

    Questions & Answers:

    How can I attach a pen?

    With a device holder. Various solutions made of metal (riveted) or plastic (glued) or even worked directly into the cardboard as a pocket/loop are available. We will be happy to send you the samples.

    Can you install the clip for the notepad horizontally?

    Of course, because “individual” means “according to customer request”. But certainly, we will ask exactly why, for which contents this clip is intended. Not for your control, but for safety, so that everything fits.

    Do you also organize the direct shipment to our branches?

    You tell us which quantities per article should go to which address (distribution list). And we ship from Augsburg, also neutral in your name. Thanks to generous space conditions, we can offer any additional service around the clipboard.

    How thick can my notepad be?

    You determine that, your planned notepad determines that. Various cash register block clips are available for selection, which we choose according to the thickness of the block.

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