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We perceive the world with all our senses – this includes products and brands. The greatest success is promised by products that appeal to many of our senses. Our individual iba sample packaging achieves this. All of our magnetic boxes, sample folders, cardboard cases, flap folders and numerous other sample packaging are developed, designed and manufactured specifically according to your wishes.

Our sample packaging contains very different samples: Parquet pieces, kitchen surfaces, sun protection panels, sample fabrics, watch straps, medical aids, fittings, construction materials, electronic components and much more. Talk to us about your sample. We will find a creative solution for you, because at iba hartmann LOGO we design your very special sample packaging: precisely tailored to your sample content, to your target group and to the place of presentation.

Many of your customers would like to look at the product or model selection in the planned application environment, feel surfaces or check colors in sunlight. Embedded in the sample packaging, your sample parts arrive safely there, all product information is clearly arranged in it. Choose a variety of models, surfaces and colors, because our sample packaging not only holds individual parts, but entire assortments and product families.

Printed sample packaging – motif examples:

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What our customers say:

„It’s the same personal contact person over many years, decades of experience from the company and employees, personal service. Those from IBA Hartmann know their customers and know what is needed. You can feel the family structures of the family business.“

Margarete H., Alphafluid Hydrauliksysteme Müller GmbH

„Top service and advice, both internally and externally. You can always feel the long-term know-how. The continuous support during prototyping and the ideas for the details are great. By the way, the samples are actually 1:1 like our folder edition and very precisely worked.“

Jürgen H., Kitchen manufacturer, NRW

„Rarely do you find such a customer-oriented and reliable company that is open to developing and implementing new and creative ideas together!“

Oliver S., Specialist publisher, Cologne

„Why IBA Hartmann? Our reasons: the same personal contact person over the years, optimal advice, decades of experience, personal service, constant support, product variety, optimal service, and yes, of course: appointment and quality.“

Uwe F., Kitchen Manufacturer, Böblingen

„Top service and advice from internal and external staff. Long-term know-how and continuous support during the creation process. For 13 years I have had the same iba supervisors (internal/external service)!

Made in Augsburg“ – that makes the difference for me. I buy where I have personal contacts, where my company and I are known. I want to be advised personally, friendly and fair and not hang anonymously in waiting loops. The people at IBA, they know what they are talking about – you can tell the decades of experience. CONCLUSION: They know their stuff, also know when we have holiday replacements responsible.“

Anke W., Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH

„Top service and advice in internal and external service: Even when it gets difficult and time is pressing, you can always rely on IBA Hartmann. We are very satisfied.“

Heike S., Danogips GmbH & Co. KG

„For many years we have been able to look back on a trusted and competent collaboration with IBA Hartmann.

Our company’s focus is on dentistry and dental technology. For this, we are very happy to rely on optimal solutions from IBA for the documentation and presentation of our products.

The constant and personal support offers us optimal service, which we always appreciate.“

Magdalena H., Spitta GmbH

„The employees of IBA-Hartmann with their decades of experience know their customers and know what is needed. The personal service, the deadline loyalty as well as the quality of the products round off the strengths of IBA-Hartmann.“

Stephan S., Bielomatik GmbH

„braun-steine has been working with „IBA Hartmann“ for several years. The price-performance ratio is absolutely fair and the service in terms of quality and flexibility top. I appreciate the personal technical advice and the fact that the right solution is found for almost every project.“

Frank G., braun-steine GmbH

„For many years, the company IBA Hartmann has been at our side. The employees always have an open ear and take care of our concerns in a courteous and professionally competent manner. We have always found the employees of IBA Hartmann to be very reliable and solution-oriented contacts and have always felt well advised and cared for. Thanks for the past years and hopefully many more.“

Silvia M., Automotive manufacturer, Baden Württemberg

„For years we have been optimally supported by Mr. Rudolf. The advice is flawless due to decades of experience. We appreciate the personal service and communication and the constant care. The products are diverse. IBA Hartmann is always looking for optimal solutions for documentations or presentations of the products.“

Theresia W., Hermann Pichler GmbH + Co KG

„Our reasons for working with IBA Hartmann: optimal advice, personal service, communication with people, constant care, diversity of products, construction of prototypes, great ideas, optimal service, appointment and quality, commitment and commitment, Very good price-performance ratio!“

Sarah L., Marketing Consulting, Leutkirch

„There are suppliers and partners. We see IBA Hartmann as a partner in the production of high-quality presentation products.“

Lukas M., Online Printing, NRW

„Professional advice – in a consistently partnership-oriented manner:
For over 15 years, we have had a competent and highly specialized partner in IBA Hartmann in the field of bags, folders, and vehicle portfolios for our printed materials. We particularly appreciate the regular exchange and personal contact. With this service and the variety of products, we can always find great solutions and new ideas for our customers.“

Uli E., Datadruck GmbH

„For the packaging of our documentations, we have with IBA Hartmann the partner who always offers us the right solution due to decades of experience and brings in new ideas. Through the long-term cooperation and the constant and personal support by the same consultant, we can rely on always receiving the best possible quality.“

Kerstin W., Index Werke GmbH & Co KG

„Thank you very much for this, as well as for the quick completion of the order.
I have now seen all the samples of the Smartsleeves and am honestly thrilled. Great job!“

Andreas K., Advertising Agency, Ulm

„Long-term know-how, continuous accompaniment during the creation process by external/internal service.“

Thomas K., Fendt-Caravan GmbH

„The company IBA Hartmann has been part of our supplier base for many years. We source many different items. The handling of inquiries, quotation creation, and delivery is always completely correct. If there is ever a complaint, there is always an open ear and together we find a solution.“

Cornelia K., Publishing House, Villingen-Schwenningen

„For many years, we have been relying on the high-quality products of IBA Hartmann. Everything is just right here: product quality, deadline loyalty, and advice. In our cooperation, we particularly appreciate the competent and personal service and the creativity in the development of suitable presentation solutions.“

Petra B., Pavatex GmbH

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    In 3 steps to your sample packaging:

    1) What kind of content?

    Which material/product sample should be packaged? Is it individual pieces or assortments? What is your planned budget? Should we find an economical, simple solution or should it be “the Mercedes” among the sample packaging? What is the target group and the intended user experience?

    We answer these questions together with you. And of course we want to know in which environment the sample packaging should later be used: in the kitchen or on the sports field, on the terrace or in the practice rooms?

    In this way we clarify the division/subdivision, the density of the PE foam material, the holding force of the magnetic closures and much more.

    2) 1 sample, more than 1,000 words!

    Ideas are good… but they have to prove themselves in our prototyping. With the sample packaging, it is actually often several sample productions that pave the way to your functional, individually printed sample packaging.

    Our two sample makers are real masters of their craft. The die cut developed on the PC is plotted, the foam inserts for holding the contents are digitally cut out and milled. There are variants for the closure of your sample packaging, for the possibility of installation and for durability.

    3) Own production.

    The individual production steps are not too complicated, but in the sum of the details, the iba sample packaging is surprisingly complex. As with cooking, knowing the right ingredients is important: We know which magnets are needed for the closure and which foam consistency is appropriate for light or heavier content. We also know practical solutions for integrating auxiliary materials such as assembly instructions, assortment lists, manuals, etc.

    We would like to set the start date for our production only when all these questions have been answered, i.e. when the prototype has proven itself in initial use.

    These are your advantages at iba hartmann LOGO:

    Sample packaging – really strong!

    Important: We have not focused on specific industries – we develop and produce any individual sample packaging.

    We can always draw from around 6 decades of business activities.

    We are open to new ideas and we also always complement each other through the different iba divisional possibilities: So special bags and cases may be more suitable than folders and magnetic boxes. Or PROMO elements such as T-shirts or lanyards should be included in the sample packaging.

    The variety of possibilities under the iba-hartmann roof is still unsurpassed today.

    Over 2,000 satisfied customers.

    The truth is: we can’t quite count our sample packaging projects. Some references are mentioned on this page. Of course, the best thing is the recommendation, and this is still the most successful way for us to win customers.

    Custom-made sample packagings are a matter of trust to a certain extent: Because hardly any marketing product is scrutinized so critically and taken into hand so often. When the small pipette bottle falls out of the foam cut-out or is jammed so tightly that you can no longer remove it … then you know: a 1:1 sampling and personal contact with the technical advisor of a real custom manufacturer is necessary.

    Feel free to ask us for references from your industry.

    100% individuality for the design of your sample packagings.

    When designing your sample packaging, you can pull out all the stops. We offer a very high-quality offset print, i.e. all variants of print refinement as well as very precise punching/ and embossing techniques. We are strong at limited editions, which we mark with consecutive numbers. And of course, we also fill or equip your sample packaging. If it’s time-critical or very demanding: Everything happens in-house. For larger tasks, our specialists on-site or in Eastern Europe get started for you.

    Questions & Answers:

    Is there a minimum purchase quantity for the iba sample packaging?

    There is no minimum purchase quantity for our iba sample packagings. We produce any quantity and for any budget. The higher your circulation, the lower your final price. If you need a thumb size: our average circulation is approximately 1,700 pieces.

    How do I find the appropriate shipping packaging for my sample packaging?

    With us: we find the appropriate shipping packaging for your individual sample packaging. Benefit from our reliable cooperation with our long-standing partners. Therefore, trustfully put your considerations about your shipping packaging into our hands. We take care of it.

    Which material is the right one for my sample packaging inlay?

    The iba favourite in terms of material for your sample packaging inlay is clearly: PE foam. It impresses with its durability and availability. Furthermore, we work with die cuts made of cardboard or paper to neatly fix your sample contents. Which material is right for your individual sample packaging, we can best clarify in a conversation.

    Does it matter how big and wide our trade fair samples are? Do you adapt the sample packaging to our product?

    That doesn’t matter at all. Feel free to approach us with your trade fair sample. As a custom manufacturer, we are able to accommodate very individual product sizes. Especially in the craft sector, there are often very large samples, such as parquet pieces or plaster samples. We are happy to produce your individual sample packaging.

    How much weight can be put into the iba sample packaging?

    Our iba sample packagings can also hold heavy samples up to 3-4kg. If you have any questions about your individual samples, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you competently and in detail.

    Is the material for the sample packaging base for cleaning utensils liquid repellent?

    Yes. We cover the sample packaging bases for cleaning utensils with a special foil. This way, your sample packaging is protected against drops and liquid leakage and can be easily wiped off and used in the long term.

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