This printed folder is a wonderful example of an elegant design. The folder is used for consulting documents for premium products. This ensures the secure storage of all documents and guarantees easy retrieval. In addition to the high-quality materials, the minimalist design accentuates the sophisticated appearance. The colors precisely adhere to the corporate design specifications. As a result, the folder seamlessly complements all business papers.

Task: Presenting and organizing concept studies.
Material: Approx. 2.2 mm cardboard, laminated on both sides.
Size: Approx. H 315 x D 305 x W 85 mm
Extras: Elegant premium matte finish, cardboard filing option in folder design for business card

The lever mechanism ensures easy access to the contents of the folder. This is achieved effortlessly thanks to the proven lever technology. Therefore, expanding the collection is easily possible.

We recommend including paper clips with your folders. These keep the contents in place, for example, during transport. By securing the contents, the risk of tearing is prevented. Paper clips have a relatively high clamping force, yet are easy to use. A simple fingertip is enough to open or close the paper clip.

In any product that is handed to a customer, the business card pocket should not be missing. It is easy to insert and brings great value. Each of your employees can hand over the personalized folder to the customer. In this example, an environmentally friendly cardboard solution was chosen. The slots securely hold the business card in place. In case the business card needs to be replaced, the tear-off protection ensures convenient removal. This allows the folder, printed with your design, to remain in use for a long time.

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