This printed folder is specifically designed and implemented for insurance carriers. It provides ample space to gather all insurance documents in one place. This allows for quick retrieval of documents when needed, eliminating the need for extensive searching. The positive emotions resulting from the speedy finding of necessary documents are directly associated with the insurance carrier. This happens every time the folder is picked up.

Task: Storage of various documents.
Material: Approximately 2.2 mm cardboard, laminated with paper on both sides.
Size: Approximately H 315 x D 270 x W 70 mm
Extras: Metal finger hole, business card pocket, dividers, wire holder

This printed folder is delivered with a register that covers all essential insurable areas. This further enhances the professional impression that the organizer leaves on customers. The entire print design is kept in the corporate design of the insurance company. It was particularly important that the colors of both products were precisely coordinated in the print production. For this purpose, the main color was defined as a special color in the print data. Color-accurate proofs were created before the serial production of the prints. These were used for print approval in advance.

Thanks to the 2-ring mechanism, contents can be easily punched with a standard hole punch and stored in the printed folder. This is a clear advantage in private use compared to a 4-ring mechanism. The wire compressor helps to keep the contents securely in place during transportation.

Extras for your printed folder.

The professional print product is rounded off with a business card pocket. Insurance brokers can conveniently insert all contact details in the form of a business card. This allows this printed folder to be distributed throughout the country without foregoing individual personalization. As a result, customers not only have all documents at hand, but also the contact details are readily visible.

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