This robust folder is designed for long-term use. Thanks to its plastic surface, it is resistant to scratches. The bonus is that this printed folder is water-resistant due to its manufacturing process, making it perfect for easy cleaning. For printing on plastic foil, screen printing is recommended. Depending on the desired print image and base material, it is advisable to back the entire design with a pure white print. This means that the base material of your printed folder is pre-printed with white ink. The desired design is then printed on top of this backing. This allows colored designs to come out particularly vibrant from the printing press without any loss of color intensity.

Task: Filing product documents.
Material: Approx. 2.2 mm plastic
Size: Approx. H 318 x D 290 x W 75 mm
Extras: Faux leather texture, dividers, wire holder, logo printing

The perfect addition to the printed folder is the perfectly fitting divider. This divider is also made of plastic, providing similar material benefits as the folder. Apart from that, all sales documents are ideally organized and can be easily found. A consistent and professional corporate image also requires the appropriate level of organization. For this purpose, the dividers from iba hartmann LOGO are the perfect assistants.

Matching the printed folder, the index is also labeled using the screen printing process. This results in a fully successful folder that serves as an effective tool for sales and marketing.

As a custom manufacturer, we produce individually printed folders according to your specific requirements. You let us know which material you have in mind and what content should be included in your folder. Our trained employees draw on over 60 years of company history to provide you with a tailored offer that perfectly suits your needs.

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